Super Lapo 6.1 – 1032 Dyneema/Keramid


Recommended for those who hunt in thick woods with thorns and medium wetness, in all seasons

  • Dyneema and Keramid and Kevlar inserts
  • Very strong water repellency
  • Silence and lightness
  • Strong resistance to thorns
  • Wide fit
  • Ideal for hunting woodcock
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We tested this garment obtaining excellent results in terms of wearability, lightness, resistance to thorns, silence and strong water repellency. Therefore recommended for any type of hunting and in all seasons.

The excellent characteristics of this garment have been obtained thanks to the joint use of Kevlar® DuPont ™, Dyneema, Polyamide and Elastane yarns.

  • Technical features: very strong water repellency, elasticity, extreme resistance and exceptional fit.
  • Hunting utility: woodcock hunting in medium wet conditions suitable from the opening to the end of the activity period.


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