Lagotto 6.1 – Panama/Keramid


The top for those who practice stalking!

  • Cotton, Keramid, Polyamide, EBW
  • Comfort
  • Wear resistant
  • Breathable
  • High wearability
  • Silent
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Trousers in 100% cotton fabric, evolution of the old classic Forrest 6.1. Over the cotton base fabric a cover made of Kevlar® DuPont ™ fibers has been inserted, specifically beyond the crotch line, to ensure greater protection. The garment has a fit, straight and narrow to minimize rubbing noise and ensure less wear on the inner side of the boot. It can also be inserted comfortably inside the boots.

These trousers also have the particular knee brace, which despite the presence of a double fabric facilitates movement during hunting. Recommended for those who prefer to have a rather light and breathable cotton fabric in contact with the skin without giving up anti-thorn and water-repellent protection in the most exposed parts.

  • Technical features: Comfortable, breathable, wear resistant.
  • Hunting utility:The top for those who practice stalking!

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