Alpin 6.1 – 1032 Dyneema

Recommended for those who hunt in thick woods with thorns and medium wetness, in all seasons

  • Dyneema inserts
  • High breathability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Strong resistance to thorns
  • Elasticized in the critical points
  • Suitable for all uses

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Trousers that have all the ideal characteristics in them: silence, lightness, elasticity, water repellency, resistance to thorns and abrasion resistant. Thanks to the particular Dyneemayarn used together with other fibers, it was possible to make this garment with these special characteristics.

The Dyneema fiber of the same weight, is up to 15 times stronger than steel. This pant, tested at various latitudes by the most famous exponents of the sector, has been defined as excellence for hunting professionals. Recommended in any weather and climate, very suitable in the presence of thick and harsh bushes.

  • Technical features: fabric breathability, resistance to abrasion and stress, slight elasticity where it is needed.
  • Hunting utility: trousers that adapt to all types of hunting from September to January, also suitable as after hunting or extra hunting events.