Gilet Australia 6.1 – HV/Tela


Multi-purpose professional jacket for all seasons, in fact by removing the sleeves (in kevlar) we can use it as a normal summer vest. With the applied sleeves we will have a winter garment very suitable for wandering hunting in the woods.

  • Extreme robustness
  • Breathability
  • 100% double twisted cotton
  • Thorn protection
  • UNI EN 20471


With six external pockets, three large internal pockets plus a very large game bag also accessible from the front openings, this garment can contain everything a hunter would always want to have at hand – satellite, documents, water, cell phone … there really is room for everything!

Made with a very sturdy 100% high tenacity double twisted cotton fabric, it is very resistant to thorns and can be used for any type of hunting, from the field to the thickest forest.

This model, with orange inserts, was created to meet the requirements of the law, which requires the use of suitable clothing when necessary. All our high visibility models have UNI EN 20471 certification.

  • Technical features: Extreme strength, breathability.
  • Hunting utility: suitable for all types of hunting where it is useful to protect yourself from thorns.

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